As a Christian school our ethos is paramount. The St. Bede’s motto, ‘Learning, caring and growing together,’ and core school values, ‘compassion, honesty, respect, kindness, friendship and forgiveness,’ are truly embraced by all, not only in our collective worship but in everything we do. However, this academic year we are developing this even further by launching an Ethos Committee in school. This aims to develop the children’s capacity to lead and shape their own worship. The Ethos Committee comprises of two children from each year group. Every Wednesday lunch time the nine Key Stage One children are getting together with a member of staff to learn new hymns and actions, which they will teach the rest of the school as part of our worship. They will also work on simple bible stories, as well as creating artwork to celebrate our core Christian values and prayers to share along with the St. Bede’s School prayer. The Key Stage Two children, who are part of the St. Bede’s Ethos Committee, are also meeting together with a member of staff on Wednesday lunch times. Again, these children will learn new hymns and actions to teach the whole school. The children have selected a short school song called, Living and Learning, which includes some lovely lyrics such as ‘Let us find his love in Bede’s school.’ Our older children will also write prayers and prepare worship which they will lead in Upper School assemblies. Another part of their role is to monitor the feedback and evaluations of our school collective worship and carry out school ethos interviews. Additionally, the Key Stage Two children will monitor prayer areas in classrooms, values around school and ‘questions of the week.’  Like our younger children, they will also work on artwork celebrating our distinct Christian values. This is a very exciting time indeed at St. Bede’s School!