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School and Home Reading Bug Club Video

At St. Bede Literacy is taught at least once a day through a structured Literacy lesson. Work explored in these sessions is displayed on a working wall in each classroom along with writing prompts to help the children in lessons. To give the children ideas for writing, we plan a ‘Wow Writing’ experience once every half term. We have had experiences such as: an invasion from ‘Ice Man’; a ‘Bake off’ and a fire safety week. These experiences are thoroughly enjoyed by the children and ensure quality pieces of writing are produced.

The children also experience a guided reading session daily where they are taught word reading and comprehension skills. To teach comprehension skills in KS2 we use a strategy called Reciprocal Reading. This involves reading a short text with the children then asking them to clarify any words that they don’t understand; summarise what they have read; ask questions about the text and predict what might happen next. Children are read with on a 1:1 basis weekly and we also encourage children to read at home and fill in their Reading Records. The younger children at our school take part in phonics lessons regularly throughout the week.

Children are now tested in Spelling, Grammar and punctuation at the end of KS2 therefore, as a school, we deliver short starter activities or focused lessons covering the topics on which the children will be tested; the children are then encouraged to use this knowledge in their independent writing.

The children are taught Handwriting weekly and expected to try their best with their writing in all of their books.