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Computing at St Bede is accessed by all children from Nursery to Year 6. In foundation stage and early years, children make use of controllable toys and also explore APPS on the Ipads. They are also introduced to the PC computers in the Computing Suite, where they use simple computer programs to develop their mouse control.

In Key Stage 1, children develop their skills using a variety of computer programs that enable them to type, draw and make simple searches of the internet. They also complete simple coding activities and create simple Algorithms for small controllable devices called Beebots. In addition to this, they have the opportunity to use and explore the Ipads.

In Key Stage 2, the children develop their skills further by learning to use Microsoft Office applications like Word, Powerpoint and Excel to record, organise, edit and present their ideas. They are also taught to try and show an awareness of their audience when deciding on the layout and presentation of their work. Children develop their understanding of Algorithms and coding and create animations using Scratch and 2Code. They also access the Ipads to enhance their learning through the use of a variety of APPS, including Garage Band in Music.

As a school, we also have a subscription to Purple Mash, which is an online resource for schools. This enables the children to access a wide variety of activities to support and enhance their learning in a safe environment. All children have their own log-in for Purple Mash to enable them to access these resources at home.

We take Online Safety very seriously at St Bede, particularly as Social Media becomes more and more popular with young people. Children receive a structured unit of work on Online Safety every Spring term. We deliver an Online Safety Assembly as part of National Online Safety Day and children are regularly reminded to make appropriate and safe use of the internet both in school and at home, something we would encourage all parents to support us in.