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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

21/03/2021 – Covid Guidance


26/02/2021 –  FAQ for March Reopening 


26/02/2021 – Video for Wider Opening 


26/02/2021 – Wider Opening Letter to Parents


25/02/21 Updated Risk Assesment Feb 2021


24/02/21 Letter To All Parents


12/02/21 Letter To Parents 


12/02/21 Letter From Bolton Council


11/02/21 – Letter to all parents


29/1/21 – COVID Update 


27/01/2021 – If your child has to self-isolate and attends our School Nursery then the fees for the period of isolation will be Free of Charge.  Please ensure you contact the Nursery Manager asap to let them know your child’s period of isolation, so that fees can be amended.


25/01/2021 – Supporting your child’s wellbeing at home


18/01/2021- Letter to Parents- Critical Worker Places


15/01/2021- Accessing online learning using a games console


14/01/2021- EYFS Remote Learning


Remote Education Information 11/01/2021