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Class Assemblies


Class assemblies take place on Wednesdays at 2:30pm in the school hall. Entrance is via the white door on Haynes Street                           (in between the kitchen and the music room) 

Parents Welcome!

Ethos – 19th October

1B – 16th November

5G – 23rd November

3H – 30th November

4P – 7th December

2E – 25th January

6F – 31st January (Tuesday)

1M – 8th February

6T – 15th February

4E – 1st March

2L – 8th March

3G – 17th March (Friday)

School Council – 19th April

2G – 26th April

5D – 3rd May

1P – 10th May

5S – 17th May

3S – 24th May

4L – 14th June

RB – 21st June

RS – 5th July

RM – 12th July

(please note dates may be subject to change)