St. Bede Academy Bolton is a Church of England Academy which works very closely with Manchester Diocese.

As an Academy, financial support comes directly from the DFE.

The Academy is constantly over-subscribed by local children and those who have moved out of the area and wish to continue their education with us.

The Academy is a very well-established feature of community life in Morris Green, and we have many second and third generation families attending St. Bede because of its reputation.

Originally known as the 'School on the Green' the original building was becoming totally inadequate, not only was it used as a day school, but services were held there on Sundays by the Rev. T.A. Clarke whose daughter ran the Sunday School and Bible Class.

This, of course, was in addition to their work at St. George the Martyrs'. Eventually the Rev. T.A. Clarke approached the Bridgewater Trustees, who generously offered to donate the land and pay for the new school which would hold 300 children. The estimated cost was £1,500.

The foundation stone of Morris Green Day and Sunday School was laid by the Countess of Ellesmere on 13th August 1887. The ceremony makes interesting reading. One wonders how the children managed to sit through it.

Several collects were recited by the Vicar; several psalms were sung; Canon Atkinson read a portion of the scriptures; the Vicar made a speech; as did the Countess in which she stressed the importance of a good religious education and hoped that this would always be carried on in this school.
Finally the Hon. Algernon Edgerton M.P. made his speech. Afterwards tea was taken in the schoolroom, I hope the children were included in that. By 1890 the number of children attending had increased and it was found necessary to extend the school.

Since the turn of the century several more extensions have been made to the original building turning the school in to the building we see today.


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In 2010 the school was awarded 'Outstanding' by Ofsted which rewarded the schools continuing hard work and educational ethos.

In a bid to continue the schools push towards greater autonomy, an application was made to convert to an Academy. This was realised on the 1st July 2011.